Route description from the south
Follow E6 north to Lillehammer and follow E6 past Lillehammer. Take off to Gausdal (fv. 255). Toll road. Follow the road through Segalstad Bru towards Svingvoll. Take the road to the left at Svingvoll (Skeisvegen). Follow the road for approx 10 km to reach the Skeikampen. Follow this reference to the right place.

Route description from the north
Follow E6 south to Tretten. Take off at Tretten towards Gausdal and Skei (fv. 254). After 8 km you reach Svingvoll. Turn right to Skei (Skeisvegen) and follow this for approx. 10 km and you are at the Skeikampen. Follow this reference to the right place.

Bus to Skeikampen 14.12.19-19.04.20

During the period from 14 December 2019 to 19 April 2020, a ski bus from Lillehammer to Skeikampen runs several times a day. If you take the bus from Lillehammer shuttle station you will find it on platform 16 (at the wall up to the center). The bus stop at Skeikampen is right at the entrance to the Skeikampen Alpinanlegg parking lot.

See complete timetable here.

Transfer bus during winter season 2019 / 2020

In the period from 22. December 2019 to XNUM. April 19 from Skeikampen there is a separate transfer bus to and from Lillehammer station.

The shuttle bus must be run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which corresponds to selected trains.

See complete timetable and booking information here.

You can order the shuttle bus on-line or contact Skeikampen Booking by email: