Having lived at Lillehammer in 9 years, among other things as a student at Norway's Toppidrettsgynmas, Tarjei Bø moved to Oslo a few years ago. There he misses the stable winter climate with plenty of natural snow. Now it becomes a cabin at Skeikampen.

This picture released Tarjei Bø at his Instagram account in October.

"I look at Skeikampen as a little forgotten gem. It is absolutely stunning scenery with skis on both høgfjell and forest terrain, which makes it possible to customize the skis a bit after the weather, says Tarjei.

The 30 yearing is one of the most prestigious active runners in the Norwegian Skating team team, and already won in the 2011 World Cup overall. Together with little brother Johannes, he has been involved in the shooting environment for many years. The prize collection includes both two individual World Cup gold and four World Cup bulletins. This summer he has won two NM gold in summer skiing, so everything indicates that he is on schedule for the coming season.

Like so many others in outdoor winter sports, he is keen on the nature experiences. He is looking forward to skiing on nature snow at Skei.

"The battle camp is known as a place with a lot of snow. I am looking forward to taking the exercise tours in a field of true winter feeling - with snow on the trees and plenty of natural snow in the terrain.

Looking forward to cabin life

When the cottage is finished once in the spring, he is looking forward to taking a snow-racing season combined with cabin life. But also in periods between competitions can be nice periods to be at Skei. Bø is also looking forward to the construction of a modern ski and skating stadium at Skei. Cross-country ski runs are known as FIS-approved, so it's already perfect training trails. The skytower arena is planned but not completed. Tarjei thinks it will be a big boost for the destination when the plant becomes clear.

"I think Skeikampen is even more popular among active athletes and active athletes with the new stadium. With the skating rider and, after all, roller skates, this will attract many athletes, which is positive both for cottage rental, cottage development and for activity in the area, "says Tarjei Bø.

As a top athlete, it's not time to enjoy everything else in the cabin life. But in the long run, he will probably take advantage of several of the opportunities Skei has to offer. The cabin is not something that is bought just to have a hangover as a top athlete.

"I'm going to have the cabin all my life. Now it's the focus on life as a top athlete, and it makes it hard to do so much else. The mountain invites you both to hunting and outdoor life, and I am from a family of hunting traditions. Besides, I now have a golf course right near the cabin, so maybe I will try golf in the long term, says Bø

It is, of course, an exciting process to build a cottage. The planning itself has taken some time, but now everything is ready.

"We've spent some time deciding everything. There are many things to be decided and a cabin must last for a long time. When we are very pleased with the space we have chosen and how the cabin will be. We are looking forward to the completion and until we can take the cabin, "ends Tarjei Bø.

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