As taken from a postcard with snowy trees, Christmas mood and good skiing. It is Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen's report from Skeikampen little Christmas Eve.

Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen has a cabin and a trainer at Skeikampen. Photo: private

After an autumn of modest snow we can all reassure everyone that there is great skiing at Skeikampen. The fresh snow came as ordered to create a magical Christmas atmosphere with snow in the trees and fine trails all over. The call is ready: Find out the skis and enjoy yourself on the slopes or trails.

We took a trip to meet one of those who use the trails on the Skeikampen most at the beginning of the season. In the middle of the day on a Thursday, in the busiest Christmas triumph of most, it is just a solitary, quiet ski trail towards the cabin of Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen who reveals that someone is enjoying the days on the mountain before Christmas.

At the cottage since November

Astrid has been to the cabin since 26. November. Here, she has prioritized entering a longer training period. Initially, the plan was to go to the World Cup in Lillehammer, but illness put an end to it. Thus, the cottage has been the base for almost a month.

I have been reluctant to rush around on different runs. I have had a nice training period, and I am now looking forward to Christmas celebration and a little gathering of profits until the Tour de Ski.

Happy dog ​​and owner: Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen has put in a good training period at Skeikampen. Together with the dog Dovre she has been to the cabin since the end of November. Photo: private

In the beginning, the ski training was concentrated around the ski resort, where a round of about two kilometers of artificial snow was built up. The snow conditions have gradually improved, and with the last snow there is no longer any reason to let the freight cars stand in the booth.

With the last snow I have stopped thinking that there is a risk of scratching the skis. It is good skiing and easy to get a party for those who go classic. As it looks now, there will be great conditions in Christmas, says Astrid.

Looking forward to the Tour de Ski

Astrid has been a regular participant Skeikampen Rennet the first weekend of January for several years, but this year she exchanges the fine round at Skei with a power test of a closing stage in the Tour de Ski.

I can't wait to go to the Tour de Ski. It is the World Championship in Seefeld later this winter which is the main goal this season, but it will be exciting to see how everything works in the Tour de Ski.

An everyday life at the cottage consisting of exercise, eating, relaxation and some studies sounds undeniably alluring. Replace the pre-Christmas stress with a month at the cottage along with the dog. It's almost so you get a little envious.

Photo: Private

Most people know that this is only a small part of the top sports life. Still: Just in Christmas, others can live something close to this life itself. We can go up to the cabin, go skiing as exercise, eat right and good and relax with the family. With good skiing in fantastic surroundings, one can collect profits for the tasks that are waiting over the New Year. Although the profits are not to be used to skate up an alpine hill in the Tour de Ski or fight for the World Cup space or location.

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