Skiing Alpine Center

Skeikampen Alpinsenter offers ski rental, ski service and sale of glasses and socks for skiing in winter.

In the summer there is bike rental for the whole family, bike workshop and sale of bicycle, clothing and equipment.

The shop and bicycle rental are located in the same room as the ski rental.


Tel: 61 22 08 72

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Opening hours:

Saturday-Wednesday: 09.00 p.m. 16.30 to XNUMX

Thursday-Friday: 09.00 p.m. 20.30-XNUMX

Here you find ski rental prices for 2019 / 2020:

Alpine Level 11 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6-8 daysextra day
complete365 DKK535 DKK680 DKK795 DKK900 DKK970 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles305 DKK455 DKK585 DKK710 DKK820 DKK920 DKK55 DKK
sko150 DKK210 DKK265 DKK310 DKK350 DKK380 DKK35 DKK
Youth 7-15 years
complete280 DKK420 DKK465 DKK565 DKK665 DKK765 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles220 DKK365 DKK410 DKK510 DKK610 DKK710 DKK35 DKK
sko105 DKK155 DKK180 DKK230 DKK260 DKK290 DKK25 DKK
Children 0-6 years
complete220 DKK330 DKK415 DKK465 DKK540 DKK595 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles190 DKK275 DKK355 DKK415 DKK475 DKK530 DKK55 DKK
sko80 DKK110 DKK135 DKK160 DKK170 DKK200 DKK25 DKK
alpine / snowboard / telemark level2
complete415 DKK610 DKK765 DKK915 DKK1020 DKK1115 DKK65 DKK
ski / poles360 DKK530 DKK675 DKK825 DKK945 DKK1055 DKK65 DKK
Alpine Level 3
complete550 DKK800 DKK1015 DKK1200 DKK1390 DKK1470 DKK105 DKK
ski / poles495 DKK725 DKK930 DKK1115 DKK1275 DKK265 DKK105 DKK
Cross Country Level 1
complete245 DKK345 DKK435 DKK530 DKK600 DKK655 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles200 DKK305 DKK385 DKK475 DKK550 DKK600 DKK55 DKK
sko145 DKK210 DKK265 DKK310 DKK350 DKK385 DKK35 DKK
complete175 DKK285 DKK360 DKK455 DKK535 DKK580 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles150 DKK255 DKK360 DKK410 DKK475 DKK530 DKK55 DKK
sko110 DKK130 DKK150 DKK175 DKK195 DKK215 DKK25 DKK
Cross Country Level 2
complete365 DKK535 DKK680 DKK800 DKK905 DKK975 DKK55 DKK
ski / poles310 DKK455 DKK585 DKK710 DKK820 DKK920 DKK55 DKK
Evening rentals
Alpine Level 1155 DKK
Alpine Level 2205 DKK
Alpine Level 3245 DKK
pulk350 DKK565 DKK715 DKK785 DKK905 DKK985 DKK65 DKK
fatbike525 DKK680 DKK840 DKK995 DKK1155 DKK1315 DKK155 DKK
Spells, helmet, toboggan55 DKK65 DKK75 DKK85 DKK95 DKK105 DKK15 DKK
Comp. staves105 DKK155 DKK190 DKK210 DKK230 DKK250 DKK55 DKK
snowshoes310 DKK455 DKK585 DKK715 DKK825 DKK925 DKK55 DKK
Spark150 DKK210 DKK250 DKK305 DKK345 DKK380 DKK55 DKK
Snow Racer75 DKK110 DKK130 DKK155 DKK180 DKK200 DKK55 DKK
ForsikringLevel 1Level 2Level 3
10, - per day15, - per day20, - per day

Insurance only applies to the ski slopes' prepared slopes. Equipment that is damaged by careless use, or when driving outside of run-down slopes, must be replaced.

All prices are in NOK.

Subject to errors and changes.


Tel: +47 61220872