Skei Fjellkirke

A natural gathering point at Skeikampen.

Skei Fjellkirke is open every Wednesday for everyone starting with 12. December 2019 through 08. April 2020 at 11: 00 - 13: 00. Free entrance.

For booking or questions, contact +47 92 69 77 57.

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The church has ski slopes and hiking trails past the walls and is easy to reach. Roadway to the church (no parking), and large car park approx. 400m away, at Peer Gyntvegen.

The mountain church is owned by the Skei Fjell church and is operated on the basis of collections, gifts for the church, event rental and sale of postcards in the church. All gifts are received with great thanks.

Skei Fjellkirke is located on the west side of Skeikampen, directly above Peer Gyntvegen and is a pleasant visit worth while staying at Skeikampen.

The church offers church services and concerts in season, otherwise Skei Fjellkirke can be rented for weddings, christening, concerts and other private events.

Separate mountain church program 19 / 20

24/12.2019kl. 09.30Christmas service
24/12.2019kl. 11.00Christmas service
24/12.2019kl. 12.30Christmas service
31/12.2019kl. 23.00Christmas Liturgy
20/02.2020kl. 18.00Winter Liturgy
07/03.2020Church concert with the choir Ad Cantus
10/04.2020kl. 21.00Good Friday service with communion.
12/04.2020kl. 09.00Easter Morning Worship

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