A highly active and growing freesty environment in Gausdal helps to develop and improve the park in the resort for each year. This is especially pleasing to the youngest skiers, but there is nothing wrong with the fact that they over 25 also try out elements in the park.

Former event coordinator at Skeikampen, Torger Fenstad, is chairman of the Fristyle Committee in Oppland Skikrets. He believes that the local freestyle community is important for the Alpine offer at Skeikampen.

"There are very many who are most concerned about the incredibly fine cross-country skiing opportunities at Skei. At the same time, Freestyle is one of the most popular ski resorts - especially among the youngest. This means that many families with children have great pleasure in arranging the resort well for those who are hooked on park driving, "says Fenstad.

Photo: Vegard Breie

Although freestyle is a fairly new branch in the ski federation (the national team was established in 2012), it is not lacking in local athletes. Only the team in Gausdal has 150 active members. At the same time, this is an activity that is largely unorganized and very many parkers are not members of any club. In other words, you do not have to be a member of any club to use the park in the facility at Skeikampen.

- Freestyle and park driving is an activity that largely takes place without organization. We also see that many who do not engage in other sports activities seem fun to drive in the park. Here is no goal that everyone should fight to become world champions. But physical activity and coping are important to everyone, and it is well organized, says Fenstad.

summer Training

The most eager freestylists started already in the middle of October. With scrapped ice from the hockey hall in Lillehammer as "snow" in the entrance and a large pillow as a landing spot, the winter trick was practiced on Linflåa at Segalstad bridge. Much of the training takes place in addition to the trampoline. Tension, coordination and body restraint are key elements when putting the tricks in the park for the winter. For outsiders, many of the bounces look quite throbbing, but it's in the park as otherwise: Exercise is a master, and you have to start small and get up gradually.


If you want to try yourself in the park, the ski school offers instruction. It may be a good start for many. Nor is it an upper age limit to try - but it's important to build skills gradually and adjust the tricks, the speed and the size of the jumps for abilities. Perhaps this is an activity where the whole family can benefit from an instructor, and at the same time get an insight into what the younger generation thinks is the most interesting thing to do in the winter mountains.

More events during the winter

There will be several occasions to see or attend freestyle events at the Skeikampen this winter. The 3. February will be the opportunity to see the young skiers unfold in one Big Air Jam in Oppland Freeski cup. Big Air Jam is performed by the participants taking as many hopes as they want (and stretch) over a given period of time. Thus, it is not so stressful if you fail once or twice in the competition. Sunday 24. February is one Freeskicamp where the goal is to gather people, grill, enjoy themselves and have fun in the park. Follow on events calendar for the winter to see what's happening in the park.

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