Food and drink

Enjoy locally produced food with seasonal produce, a good waffle after the ski or a glass of something good in a late winter evening.


Skeistua is a unique dining place with a cozy atmosphere. They are famous for their good waffles, with sour cream and Norwegian goat cheese.
Opening hours:
Week 10 until Easter
Fridays: 7 p.m. 12-20
Saturdays: 7 p.m. 11-20
Sundays: 7 p.m. 11-16
The cabin rental is open every day throughout the year

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Segalstad Seter

Segalstad Seter serves traditional dinner, or a small snack. They often offer afterski party with live band and DJ's.
Opening hours:
Friday: 15-02
Saturday: 12-02
Sunday: 12 p.m. 18-XNUMX

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SkeiUt is the eateries Nystua, Galten and Treffen Kafe

Monday-Friday: 11 p.m. XNUMX-hill rods
Saturday: 10-18
Sunday: 10 p.m. XNUMX-hill rods


Monday-Friday: Closed
Saturday-Sunday: 11 p.m. XNUMX-hill rods
(Weather permitting)

Meet Cafe:

Monday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday-Thursday: 12 p.m. 16-XNUMX
Friday-Saturday: 11 p.m. 22-XNUMX
Sunday: 11 p.m. 16-XNUMX

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Thon Austlid Fjellstue

Austlid Fjellstue is the natural stopover on the skiing or mountain hike with cocoa and waffles.
Opening hours
From February 23rd
daily: at 11-16
From April 04 to April 12
daily: at 11-17

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Thon Hotel Skeikampen

Thon Hotel Skeikampen offers a varied buffet and a la carte menu.
Opening hours:
Breakfast Buffet
Monday-Friday: at. 07.30-10.00
Saturday-Sunday: 08.00-XNUM
Every day: 18.00-X
The lounge bar is open for food service at. 13.00-21.00
The bar is open to "late"

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