august, 2020

08August11:0015:00Skeikampen Round 2020For children and adults

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Skeikampen Rundt is a terrain run in scenic surroundings in small forests and snails around the Skeikampen.

Who can participate

At Skeikampen Rundt can everyone participate! Whether you are a kid, a young adult, an athlete or want to compete.

We have different lengths of traces. You can choose from 3,7 km og 12,2 km. Both trails have start and finish Segalstad seats at Skeikampen. The shortest has an increase of 123 meters, and the longest of 347 meters.

The race classes from 11 to 16 years run the Seterloypa of 3,7 km. See the trail map here.

Participants of 15 and 16 years may also choose to run the longest course. Those of the 15 and 16 year olds who want to run the longest race sign up in class 17 - 21 years.

The classes from 17 years upwards run the Skeikampen Rundt-trail at 12,2 km. See the trail map here.

Competition classes have start time at. 12.00 (short trail) and 12.05 (long trail)

Exercise class uses the seat track of 3,7 km. There is no timekeeping in the exercise class, and there is a voluntary start time between. 11.00 and XNUM.


Starting quota kr. 170 for exercise classes and competition classes up to 16 years.

Competition classes from 17 years kr. 290, - by regular enrollment up to and including 06.08. After 06.08 and NOK respectively. 270, - and 390. Any license comes in addition.

Post-declarations up to race start. Only online registration.

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Premier and Sponsors

Skeikampen Opp is hosted by Gausdal Friidrettsklubb and Visit Skeikampen.

In addition to withdrawal prizes, sets Skeikampen Eiendom with cash prizes distributed on women's and men's class: 1.places: 3000kr. 2.site: 1500kr. 3. space: 500kr.

"Tough, Wet and Great at Skeikampen Rundt" - read more about what Sportsman liked about Skeikampen Around 2018.


(Saturday) 11: 00 - 15: 00


Skeikampen Center


Gausdal FriidrettsklubbGFIK offers activity, varied training, participation in stevner, play and fun!Knut Houm, phone 917 03 936

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