October, 2019

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event Info

Skeikampen Opp is a backdrop that runs in scenic surroundings from the foot of the Skeikampen to the stone bug at the top!
The race is suitable for active athletes and athletes of all ages.

Who can participate

Skeikampen Up is suitable for all the family, friends and girlfriends. Here it is only you who decide the gravity or the competition.

You can choose which class you want to attend. We have a fitness class for you if you do not want time. Then you can choose to start between kl. 11: 00 and 11: 30.

Are you more interested in checking the shape of others in the competition class, these start in pools after ages from kl. 12: 00.

  • Start at 12: 00 for contest class men from 17 year to 49 year.
  • Start at 12: 10 for Competition Class Ladies from 11 Year to 70 Year +
  • Start at 12: 20 for competition class men from 11 years to 16 years, and 50 years and over.


Starting quota up to and including 2. October:

Exercise class and competition classes even 16 years: Kr. 150, -
Competition classes 17 years and older: Kr. 270, -
After the 2. October is the starting quota respectively 200, - and 400, -.

License comes as well.

Online registration is open until kl. 10.00 racing day.

Premier and Sponsors

Skeikampen Opp is hosted by Gausdal Friidrettsklubb and Visit Skeikampen.

In addition to withdrawal prizes, sets Skeikampen Eiendom with cash prizes distributed on women's and men's class: 1.places: 3000kr. 2.site: 1500kr. 3. space: 500kr.

Gausdalsmessa and autumn holidays at Skeikampen

Do not forget that this Saturday is filled up with events too small and big. More information about the program for the autumn holiday and Gausdalsmessa is available on our pages.


(Saturday) 10: 00 - 16: 00


Gausdal FriidrettsklubbKnut Houm, phone 917 03 936

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