June, 2020

21June(jun 21)10:0026(jun 26)16:00Mérida mountain bike schoolJoin an exciting bike week for boys and girls!

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Mérida Mountain Bike School is not canceled

It is a pleasure to be able to notify you who are registered and you who have yet? is not registered Merida mountain bike school that it will be held June 21-26!

Some adjustments must be made to comply with national infection control rules. At the various cycling sessions, the children will probably not experience the vast difference. There will be some changes in housing conditions compared to previous years. Living in apartments like previous years where participants shareare bedrooms, living rooms, showers ... are not compatible with the government's infection control rules. This is why everyone this year will be accommodated at the hotel, each with its own single room.

Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå
As announced earlier, our most winning female mountain biker Gunn Rita Dahle Flesjå is to be an instructor all week as well as her trainer Kenneth Flesjå.
Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå has a total of 1 Olympic medal and 30 World Cup and European Championship medals. Of these 31 medals, 20 of them are in gold. She has 30 wins in the World Cup and has won the World Cup four times. In addition, she has had time to become Norwegian champion in the terrain lap 14 times.

Many may have been a little unsure of their participation due to the NM lap course, which was added to the weekend after the Merida mountain bike school. Like many other rides at this time of year, the NM roundabout is postponed until the fall, late August or early September. This has been confirmed by the organizer.

If the authority has signaled that such an event from June 15 will be possible up to 200 people.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jan Olav Beitmyren, tel 982 52 730

E-Mail: jan.olav.beitmyren@gmail.com

Welcome to the Mérida mountain bike school for children!

Merida Terrain Bike School offers an exciting week of mountain biking at the Skeikampen for boys and girls aged 11-17 years. The mountain bike school deals with the basics of mountain biking.
Mastering and progression is the main focus throughout the course program.

The collection is suitable for anyone regardless of skills. We put together groups that take into account your technical skills, age, etc. There will be own girls and boys groups on 10-15 people.

We use Norway's best stonework at Skeikampen. They offer their own Pump track, a built bike trail on flatland with bullets, jump and dosed turns. There are also skills facilities that contain the elements mountain bikers can expect to meet in rides. In addition, we have obtained Norway's best mountain bikers as coaches.


At Merida Mountain Bike School, children will live in apartments next door with Thon Hotel Skeikampen. Every day, 3 meals are served in the hotel's dining room. This year everyone will be accommodated in the hotel with its own single room

Price and registration

Price including accommodation at Thon Hotel Skeikampen is kr. 3900

Included in the price are also:

- Merida bicycle suit

- Surprises from our partners

The mountain bike school is now fully subscribed and the registration link is closed

Program and content

We want to create a professional, social and contentive week. All sessions aim to make you safe and independent of the elements that are required to control cycling quickly and safely in the terrain. All of this is happening in the incredible beautiful area with highways and roads of the highest quality in - and around the Skeikampen. Training planning, evaluation of own training, mecca exercises on keeping your own bike in order is included in the weekly program. The instructors will be many of the country's best mountain bikers, bl. a. from NTG Lillehammer.

- Basic bike training

- Swing technique and dosages

- Mastering difficult parties, steep up or down

- Drive drop

- Training planning

- Maintenance and mooring of the bike

Welcome to a nice week with us in Merida!


21 (Sunday) 10: 00 - 26 (Friday) 16: 00


Skeikampen Center