When she was a journalist in the GD, she sat on the back bench and wrote a report from the Gausdal municipal council meeting. She had to keep quiet about her own political views. Today, the 39-year-old has taken over both the club and the mayor's chain. Anette Musdalslien is extremely fond of the countryside, has always liked to work a lot and is passionate about good dialogue with Gaussians and cabin owners.

I am not so concerned about party differences, but that we should achieve something together, says the fresh mayor. - A lot is about meeting people properly, taking people seriously. It applies whether it is in the municipal council or whether there are people I meet at the store.

The most basic

The most important task is first and foremost to make this municipality sustainable, says Anette. It is preposterous that we are now able to do something about the financial situation and that we are doing it in the right way. The economy is the most important and fundamental in relation to everything else.

The leaping point

There are many good qualities about living in Gausdal, such as good schools and a good upbringing environment, and we have rich access to nature, fresh air and not least snow! These are qualities that people value. But the crucial point is that people do not move here if they do not have a job. Now our municipality is fortunate in terms of location and proximity to Lillehammer. There we have access to a much larger labor market than many other rural municipalities have. But that being said, what is happening at Lillehammer these days is that many jobs are disappearing south. This is not a quick fix, but it is important that we manage to work together in the regions to take a position and that we secure the jobs we have. But there is also a lot of good happening, such as the cyber defense at Jørstadmoen.

Long days

Anette had barely got the mayor chain around her neck before she was thrown into severe weather in the budget process. There were many long working days and there are still meetings and representations. Only when the normal working day is over will she finally have time to reply to the mailer and prepare for the next day.

Yes, it's long days, but I've always enjoyed working a lot, Anette confirms. - I'm easily engaged. Have had it this way in every job I've had. But in the mayor's job it is also very flexible, I regulate myself by prioritizing and saying no to some. I have to, but when Bonde and the Small Farmers ask if I can have an hour of sustainability for the 9th step, I have to answer yes! It's about youth, and I want to prioritize it as far as I can. In an everyday life where there is a lot of focus on challenges, it is all the more important to be with younger people. When the youth council has a meeting, I would like to join. Youth also give a lot back. They think wisely and differently about a lot, and you know, they haven't managed to get disillusioned yet!

What about the development at Skei, is there any pain limit for further cab development for Gausdal Municipality?

We have a plan that sets boundaries, but plans are revised. Now we are going to start with the municipal part plan for Skei. Then there are many key issues that come up. Questions, for example, whether we should have a type of land boundary, whether we should allow more construction down towards Svingvold, and how close should we build before it goes beyond the quality of having a cabin? There are many different views here. One thing is what we in the municipality mean, another is what the cabin owners and others think. There are many stakeholders and stakeholders who have strong opinions, and we must consider this discussion thoroughly.

The state guidelines are that it should be built very tightly, but in reality many will have some space around them. Everyone sees that if we do not build close enough, it becomes so area-heavy that we have to say stop. Otherwise, the alternative will be to use the area that we do not want to use. The pain limit goes somewhere, we see that in other places that have expanded too fast. Then suddenly, unforeseen challenges may emerge. It is important to take time for these assessments.

Facilitation and good dialogue

The most important task the municipality has above the cabin owners is to facilitate, says Anette. - The cabin is their second home, maybe the cabin is used up to 60 days a year and then the requirements and expectations become something different from what we had a few years ago. In addition to ski slopes, mountain peaks and fresh air, people are concerned about, for example, broadband, DAB signals and RiksTV. We have more cabins than homes in the municipality, which is why it is important to have good dialogue with the cabin owners and with those who do development and business at Skei.

Strategic plan for Skei

In December I was present at a working meeting, with further development of the Skeikampen as a theme. There was too

cabin owners represented by the collaboration committee. The municipality must take its role, among other things, by attending such meetings where there are various actors discussing development at Skei.

It is not the municipality that is going to drive the development, but we must organize, Anette emphasizes.

Will be present where you are

Anette is passionate about meeting the Gaussians and the cabin people where they are, but where is it? Well, it's at the convenience store in Svatsum, for example, at the cafe? in Follebu, at the volunteer center and in the youth club. And for cabin owners on Skei, she was present at Segalstad Seter during the winter holidays, Saturday 22 February.

I expect people to have many thoughts and opinions, questions and ideas, and I would love to hear them. I believe that when I am present where the people are, it will lower the threshold for contact. I will be present at times when it is most crowded, so hopefully I will talk to many.

The article on how the meeting with cabin owners and other guests went can be read here.

Volunteering and spirit of spirit

Volunteering and spirit of spirit are a solid commitment in the village. People line up when needed. Everything from helping the neighbor when he has broken his leg to posing on different days. But politically, it is especially when there are issues that directly affect people that engagement is greatest. - But Gaussian is not loud, we are quite down, which I think is a quality.

Don't want too many hats

Anette is not only known for being a politician and new mayor in Gausdal. For a number of years she has distinguished herself as an actor and copywriter in the village's amateur theater.

I have now because of. my job put the theater life on ice a bit. It's about not having more hats than I have to. But being voluntarily engaged is of course still relevant when I have school-aged kids, but it will be something else.

It works fine!

Anette's main driving force is the desire to contribute in the local community, to achieve something with others. She points out that the position she has now obtained is not about a step on the road in political careers.

This is where I want to stay! I became very aware of this after moving home from Trondheim. I am a local patriot, am extremely fond of my village and here I will contribute. In Gausdal, there are many people who contribute with voluntary involvement, and I thought that maybe I could contribute to politics.

She thinks a little before she concludes: - and it actually works fine!

Not particularly happy in the winter

Anette looks at the view towards winter-clad fields from the mayor's office as she hesitates with increasing strength
in the voice:

Otherwise I have to admit …… this is a bit like cursing in church so… ..but I am NOT SO LOVED IN THE WINTER !! I ski sometimes, she insures with normal strength in her voice. But I'm probably more of a summer person. You know, here at the house they talk in lunch about where they went skiing this weekend, haha, I didn't ski this weekend I, haha! She shakes her head, hums, and looks. - I like the cocoa after the skiing a lot better than the skiing itself, to put it this way!

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