Skeikampen has several nice bathing areas with facilities for barbecue, play and long days in the mountain sun. In addition, you will find nice swimming possibilities in the many mountain waters along the hiking and cycling routes.

Tour suggestions swimming

Svarttjern trail

Length: 13,9 km
Increase: 526m
Top point: 1093 moh


Length: 1,6 km
Increase: 46 m
Suitable for: families with children


Length: 13,4 km
Increase: 8362m
Top point: 950 moh

Slag Mountain Round

Length: 22,7 km
Increase: 830m
Top point: 1187 moh

Helga Foss Round

Length: 4,4 km
Increase: 85m
Suitable for: families with children