There are millions of well-marked trails at Skeikampen. Long and short tural options with different highlights on the road. Some go to or via peaks, in the woods, into a fishing lake or you can choose to go for a round trip. Hiking has been essential for the tourists at Skeikampen in the last 140 years and is suitable for people of all ages. The great thing about the terrain at Skeikampen is that you can choose the high mountain sunshine day and the forest in the rough. There are possibilities for endless long walks or short walks for small feet.

Suggestions for your trip

Skjenafjellet and Killiknappen

Length: 2,8 km and 2,0 km
Top: 1055 m and 1031 m

The Linvik button

Length: 4,2 km
Top point: 1029 moh

The Gray Fight

Length: 4,2 km
Top point: 1212 moh


Length: 10,4 km
Increase: 327m
Top point: 1241 moh


Length: 4,6 km
Increase: 180m
Top point: 950 moh

Svarttjern trail

Length: 13,9 km
Increase: 526m
Top point: 1093 moh

Skeikampen Rundt (lang)

Length: 12,6 km
Increase: 362m
Top point: 1039 moh

Skeikampen Rundt (kort)

Length: 8,5 km
Increase: 315m
Top point: 1057 moh


Length: 1,6 km
Increase: 46 m
Suitable for: families with children


Length: 13,4 km
Increase: 8362m
Top point: 950 moh

seats round

Length: 3,9 km
Increase: 131m
Top point: 874 moh

Top trip to Skeikampen

Length: 5,6 km
Increase: 340m
Suitable for: children from 6 years


Length: 1,7 km
Increase: 300m
Top point: 1244 moh

Slag Mountain Round

Length: 22,7 km
Increase: 830m
Top point: 1187 moh

Helga Foss Round

Length: 4,4 km
Increase: 85m
Suitable for: families with children