Skeikampen is known for being one of Norway's best trail cycling venues and has fantastic cycling terrain, both for beginners and the more experienced. You will find both technically demanding (single tracks) and family routes on good mountain and country roads. Here are opportunities for all cycling enthusiasts who want an exciting cycling holiday on the high mountains.

News for the summer of 2020

During the joint holiday, a completely new family trail opens - fun on the bike for the whole family.

Bicycle rentals

If you do not bring your bike on holiday, contact Thon Hotel Skeikampen, Skeikampen ski and bike rental, Skeikampen Booking or Skeistua. There you can rent bikes for the whole family.

Suggestions for your trip


Length: 6,1 km
Increase: 179m
Duration approx. 1,5 hours


Length: 17,6 km
Increase: 565m
Duration approx. 2 hours

Slag Mountain Tour

Length: 28,9 km
Increase: 764m
Duration approx. 4-5 hours

Skeikampen Opp

Length: 17,8 km
Increase: 729m
Duration approx. 4 hours

Svarttjernstien bicycle

Length: 16,1 km
Increase: 8526m
Duration approx. 4 hours

Slagsfjellrunden trail cycling

Length: 23,3 km
Increase: 830m
Duration approx. 4-5 hours

Skeikampen Rundt (long bike)

Length: 12,6 km
Increase: 362m
Duration approx. 3 hours

The bicycle ramp on the bike

Length: 14,5 km
Increase: 362m
Duration: approximately 2 hours

Helgafossenrunden bicycle

Length: 4,4 km
Increase: 85m


Length: 10,4 km
Increase: 327m
Top point: 1241 moh