Cross Country

The trail network at Skeikampen is located on the dividing line between the high mountains and the forest, which gives a great deal of variety. From a quiet morning walk through the woods, where you only hear the birds sing or can see the track for a moose, you can enjoy the view of Jotunheimen and Rondane from the top of Slagsfjellet later in the day. Skeikampen is one of Norway's most snow-safe places, we have a fantastic trail network and some of the world's best runners!

Here you can see maps of ski slopes at Skeikampen

Suggestions for your trip

Høgruta at Skeikampen

Length: 38,7 km
Increase: 1135m
Top point: 1169 moh

Bjørgarunden with Kyrakampen

Length: 25 km
Increase: 693 m
Top point: 944 moh

Gammelsetra and Bjørga

Length: 29 km
Increase: 714 m
Top point: 909 moh


Length: 18,5 km
Increase: 479 m
Top point: 1038 moh

Austlid round

Length: 9,3 km
Increase: 233 m
Top point: 838 moh

Kyrakampen round

Length: 16 km
Increase: 439m
Top point: 944 moh

Slag Mountain Round

Length: 26,5 km
Increase: 798m
Top point: 1191 moh

Peer Gynt trail

Length: about 13,9 km
Increase: 251 m
Top point 1037 moh

Skeikampen Rundt

Length: 13,1 km
Increase: 389m
Duration approx. 3 hours

Panorama trail

Length: 21,7 km
Top point: 1214 moh